About FXO Inc.


FXO Inc. an aerospace company in New Jersey, was founded by Francis and Barbara O’Connell in 1998 to support worldwide military and aerospace companies to solve problems.

FXO Inc. can provide the manpower and knowledge to complete projects.  We specialize in finishing the job! 

Call Fran O’Connell to upgrade or repair your ancient hardware, design a piece of Special Test Equipment (STE), or perform Electrical or Reliability Engineering Analyses.  FXO also subcontracts to the brightest and best engineers, programmers and technicians to support a project.  

LOCATION:           213 Hampshire Dr., 

Plainsboro, N.J. 08536-4346

Phone: (609) 799-6450; 

                                Key Contact: Francis X. O'Connell, President, FXO Inc. (send Fran mail: fran_oconnell@fxoinc.com)

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