Engineers at FXO Inc. are available to support your design, analysis or test phase of your projects. Every engineer at FXO Inc. has taken a project from specification to design and analysis, test development and test. Most have experience with integrating their designs onto a spacecraft. Every engineer is well versed in the best practices in design as well as the handling of electrostatic sensitive devices.

Examples of recent consulting projects:


- Troubleshoot and repair custom VME boards for an aerospace company. These boards are used in a spacecraft simulator.  The console was designed and built in the late 1990's.  I was able to program PALs for the boards using my Data I/O programmers.  Also doing a lot of debugging of 30 year old test equipment.  Many power supplies have failed in these HP and Agilent analyzers.  I got an Agilent logic analyzer working for <$1000! 


Test, troubleshoot and repair non-flight version of spacecraft computers that are used in spacecraft simulators around the country.

Previous projects

- Converted HP BASIC software to TransEra’s HT BASIC.  Replaced HP-85 with ACME Portable Computer.

- Performed unverified failure analysis on a flight computer that failed in ground test

- Tested a flight box level component on the Instrumentation Engineering Inc. MATS test station.  In addition, we wrote some of the ATLAS Test Software

- Prepared FMEA on Stores Management Unit for Hawk Fighter

- Prepared Fault Tree on Stores Management Unit for Hawk Fighter

- Designed Spacecraft harness for TIROS weather satellite

- Trained engineers in the programming of MATS test equipment

- Wrote test software for automated test equipment

- Troubleshooting of Mil-Std-1750A computer used on a satellite

- Troubleshooting rack of equipment  used for a spacecraft closed loop simulation

- Motorola 68020 microprocessor code development

- Wrote assembly language software to test a flight computer

- Wrote ATLAS Test programs to test the NOAA N satellite

- Created C program to renumber ATLAS code

- Troubleshoot test setup and ATLAS test software for Relay box

- Performed Extreme Value Analysis (WCA) on Harpoon Weapons System computer

- Performed Root Sum Squared Analysis (WCA) on a spaceborne microcontroller board in the gyroscope electronics

- Provided the Reliability Analysis for the doors and slides mechanisms to be used on the Airbus Industries A380 proposal 

- Provided the Reliability Analysis for the Landing Gear Extension and Retraction System (LGERS), that is used on the Airbus Industries A380 aircraft landing gear.

- Performed Single Events and Effects Analysis (SEEA) for the next Mars Rover mission, Mars Science Laboratory.

- Prepared Reliability Block Diagram, FMEA and Fault Tree using Relex Software on the Airbus A380 Landing Gear Extension and Retraction Systems

- Will Program Space Qualified PROMs for space application.  To Conduct Burn-In Test and post program verification tests.

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