Lockheed Martin, Space Systems Company Sunnyvale, California 

  Maintain weather satellite simulation equipment that is 4 bay rack of equipment with digital boards from the 1990's.  

  Performing Reliability Analysis on various spacecraft projects including:

o   Worst Case Analysis on Power Supply for a GOES-R Lightning Mapper Instrument

o   Fuse Analysis for the SBIRS power subsystem

  Consulting on the TIROS weather satellite program. Services rendered including:

o   Test Software development (ATLAS software),

o   Digital Box troubleshoot,

o   Overstress analysis,

o   Specification work including Test Verification matrices

o   Test Equipment design

  Design of an upgraded flight computer test equipment:

o   Troubleshoot of a test rack of equipment that was in storage for 10 years. 

o   Removal of the Tecmar Computer (8086 based, S-100 Bus with CP/M operating system)

o   Integration of a Pentium III ruggedized personal computer running Windows XP operating system

o   Upgrade from CPM Pascal software to Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 C with plug and play digital I/O cards

o   Mechanical modifications of all the hardware.

o   Conversion of all Test Procedures to use the new equipment

  Test and troubleshoot Flight Computer for spacecraft

o   Identified the cause of a previous unverified failure on a spacecraft computer that had failed in test on the ground.

  Design of an upgraded reaction wheel assembly (RWA) test equipment:

o   Remove an HP-85 from the system and replace with Pentium IV computer as control computer. 

o   Modify the original Program in HP BASIC with code in HT BASIC.

o   Integrate A/D converter and IEEE 488 bus card with GPIB output in PC

o   Design an X-Y plotter replacement for voltages -10 to +10V as the X-Axis and -10V to +10V as the Y-Axis using an A/D Converter card and Pentium IV computer.

  Development of an Electrical Test Procedure (ETP) to test Special Test Equipment:

o   In order to ensure that automated or manual test equipment is safe to mate to a flight component, a test program is run.  This routine guarantees that the STE is safe to mate to the flight component.  In addition, this operation will help eliminate pesky Unverified Failures (UVFs) that can crop up when the test equipment is not operating at its designed capacity.

  Test and troubleshoot of the TIROS Spacecraft simulator at the Spacecraft Operations and Control Center (SOCC)

o   Troubleshoot electronic board failures that prevented communication with Wallops Is. Site.

  Rebuild of ancient Wire Wrap electronics boards:

o   FXO Inc was able to capture the design of an electronics board and rebuild two spare boards from the design.  There were obstacles to overcome here.  The main problem was finding obsolete components and the equipment to program PAL and EPLD devices.

  Service Contract on Spacecraft Simulator:

o   FXO Inc performs periodic maintenance and repair as needed of two spacecraft simulators.  We have in the past successfully troubleshot and repaired various failures. 

  Fuse Analysis on Spacecraft Power System:

o   FXO Inc completed the analysis of the fusing circuits on a Lockheed Martin designed spacecraft.


Whippany Actuation Systems (formerly Smiths Aerospace and GE Aviation Systems)

  Provided the Reliability Analysis of the design of the Landing Gear Extension and Retraction System (LGERS) on the Airbus Industrie A380 jetliner.  Supported Smiths Cheltenham in their document update and issue to Airbus, AUK.  This included recalculating the reliability using Relex 7.7.

  Created FMEA on safety critical circuits in the Stores Management Hardware on the RAF Hawk fighter.

  Performed Worst Case Analysis for on-board computer used on a weapons system

  Provided the Reliability Analysis for the proposal for the doors and slides design on the Airbus Industrie A380 jetliner

  Performed FMEA for Boeing Aerial Fuel Tanker Preliminary Design Review

Northrop Grumman

  Troubleshoot the gyro electronics box used on the SBIRS spacecraft

  Electrical analysis of gyro electronics circuits. 

  Tested power converter electronics

Skylink Technology Inc.

  Analyze and Troubleshoot PLD based ground test equipment

  Prepare User Manual for Ground Test Stations

  Perform on-site Troubleshooting/Upgrade/Repair of units in the field

  Integration and Test of spacecraft test equipment



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